Don't take my word for it...


"If you are thinking about booking a session with L Wink Photography don't hesitate - you will be elated with each image. Lindsay is an incredibly gifted artist and has the patience of a saint. I have three very active and strong willed children, and Lindsay could not have been more at ease with their personalities and energy. I am certain her relaxed attitude plays a big part in her in ability to capture the essence of a child in a single image. Words cannot express my adoration for her breathtaking photos and her ability to work with young children."  


"Lindsay is absolutely the most amazing photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Besides her phenomenal ability to take the most gorgeous photos, she is very professional and AMAZING with the kids! I’ve never felt pressured or stressed to get my kids to cooperate and take photos in a crammed 20 min time span where what you get is what you get.  Rather, Lindsay is so calm and patient with the kids and gives them time to warm up to her. Having to fly to and rent a car and get a hotel is more than worth it for me to have Lindsay photograph my family and capture these sweet times in our life!"

Haley, AZ



"Working with Lindsay is relaxing because she's a parent herself.  She knows how to be patient with children and has an eye for photographing exactly what you want.  Lindsay's photographs always exceed our expectations and are worth way more than what she charges.  I always view my galleries from Lindsay and think, "She nailed it, again."  We are repeat customers and are so grateful for the moments she captures.  Magic and professional every time."

-Shannon, CA


.....Lindsay is able to capture the picture that is the essence of whom she is photographing.  You may think you want a particular pose and she will get that but she also gets the unexpected.  The picture that makes you go Awe!!!

....Lindsay works hard when she does a photo shoot.  Many of her clients are little girls and she gets down on their level to get those shots.  She is very patient when working with children and the children sense that about her.

....Lindsay is very detailed in her work.  She pays attention to everything that will affect the pictures she takes.

....Lindsay goes out of her way to make sure her clients are satisfied with the photo session.

Lindsay is a highly respected in the WDW families and her work is second to none.

-Kathy, AZ


"Lindsay knows how to make you feel gorgeous. She knew the right angles to make my pregnant body look beautiful, and she captured the confidence she gave me!"

-Andrea, CA


"As a mother of two little children, you never know how pictures will turn out.  Lindsay did a fabulous job connecting with the kids.  These photos far exceeded my expectations."

-Patricia, TX


"Lindsay is a magic worker!! You may think your little one is not giving you any good material, but Lindsay will find it. She interacts with your child, no matter their age, positively and will get the reaction that will make memories on your walls, forever! Even though my daughter had just met her, our photos are stunning and beyond compare."

-Kathy, IL

"We absolutely love Lindsay! She captured some of my favorite pictures of my three littles. I would travel anywhere in the US to have her take photos of us again!"

-Devon, AZ


"We love the pictures you have taken of our daughter and family. The quality of your work is professional and detailed. We really enjoyed the experience at each of our sessions. Thank you for producing such great pictures for us!"

-Julie, CA